July 9, 2010

{Our Cottage} Living Room

Wednesday I posted my first before & after of our house. I tried put the pictures in a way that they are side by side. Once the post went live, I realized it cut off some of the pictures. I have tried to change it a bit today. Still not as clear as I want. Maybe tomorrow I will go back to posting the individual pics. I really need to take a class in computers and blogging!

Today's B&A of our house is the living room. When I met Charles, he already lived here. I immediately thought the house was super cute. Also, I didn't think his living room was too bad for a bachelor. He had a friend who helped him with the furniture. Being a UGA grad, I thought the red and black theme was fitting. I wish I had a better picture of the sofa. For a red, leather sofa, it was actually cute. And the striped black fabric on the club chairs. Anyway, once we were married, we merged a lot of furniture. I guess you could say at that time, I had different style as well. My scheme in Newnan used reds, greens, and yellows. We had a couple years mixing the two. Over time, and hundreds of magazines later, I found "our" style. Let's call it cheerful, casual with hints of coastal!
I really did things backwards. The paint color was changed first. The wall color is Glidden Ruffled Feathers. A very light gray with green undertones. Next, I got the teal/blue dupioni silk curtains from Pottery Barn for the dining room. I know, not the way to go, but at least I painted a neutral paint color! Once I realized the house didn't match the curtains, I was on the hunt for a fabric to go with them. When I saw this fabric in a magazine, I knew that was the way we were headed! {the Azure colorway} Being a Romo fabric that is only available to the trade, I didn't really want to deal with that, so I went to Lewis & Sheron in Atlanta, and found this, and our new living room was born!
Update since this picture was taken, I have taken down the 2 paintings that I did. Decided the colors weren't right. And the black, rattan chairs are placed at more of an angle, not side by side. I also planned to paint the chairs, but that will have to wait until the next house one day!

I really think the fireplace/mantle situation was one of the biggest game changers in the room. The mirror went all the way to the ceiling. The mantle and brick were sooo dark. We ended up putting up new sheetrock on the ceilings in the living room, dining, and kitchen. The house had the old plaster ceilings, that didn't look great. While we were at it, we ripped out, and replaced all the crown molding, and window trim. So, a new mantle piece was created. The trim inspiration came from the original built in bookcases to the left and right of the fireplace.
Sorry to those of you are are receiving this for the second time via email. As I mentioned, having computer/blogger difficulties!

Since writing this post, our house is now listed for sale! See the preceeding post.


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