July 6, 2010

{Our Cottage} Master Bedroom Update

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We had a nice long vacation in San Destin, Fl. I will post pictures from the trip later this week.

Remember awhile back I posted pictures of our master bedroom here. Well, I feel like I can safely say it is finally complete! {minus curtains} We recently bought a dresser that I think works perfectly! It was a great deal from a lady here in Griffin. It brings me much joy. She said it originally came from HomeGoods. I am pleased with how it works with the bench.

I wish our tv was white. Let me know if you see any cute white ones. Other than our tiny white one in the kitchen, I haven't seen any.

So in other news, we are going to be putting the Comer Jones Cottage up for sale sometime this week. Isn't it always the case that just when you get things right, it's time to move! We will be sad to see it go, but Charles and I both agree, it's time to move on. Don't worry all my Griffin friends, we will stay in the same neighborhood!
As I start to photograph the house for the listing info., I will be posting more pictures. I would appreciate any critiques on my photos, and on the house! Being a real estate broker, I am realizing this is going to be tough. When I sold my house in Newnan, I had already moved out, so not as stressful :) More to come...


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