August 24, 2009

weekend projects...

This weekend we went to Atlanta for my sister's birthday, and had a great dinner at a French restuarant, Anis. We had to get home early on Saturday morning for Charles to go to a meeting, so I decided to tackle a few crafty projects I had on my list. The first one is my corkboard. This is the before picture. It hangs over my desk in my office. I have heard other bloggers call them "inspiration" boards. Mine was definitely not inspirational! Junky & unattractive...

My old plan was to make a frame for the board out of old trim from our house. Plans changed when I saw this idea, I knew it was {1} easier to make {2} cheap b/c I already had the fabric & nail heads & {3} the best looking board idea!

I found the idea to cover with fabric & nail heads from Erika @

Urban Grace Interiors .

Her board in her office is basically the same. Light fabric with dark brass nail heads.

There is nothing better than starting a project that you already have ALL of the required tools! While Charles was at his meeting, Lane & Sophie helped me put this thing together. They mainly helped by walking over it! I had to do two layers of the white linen, because it was a little see through. Then, I used a staple gun to put the fabric on. The last & longest step, was to push in each nail head into the cork board. It is very hard to get them straight & evenly spaced!

This is the final result! I love it, really brightens up my {already bright} office! Now, all I need to do is hang the board. It has been propped up on my desk for 2.5 years! I tried to thin out the things I have on the board, and left space to add more. I am so happy with the look of the nail heads!

The next project was to turn this old ceiling tile into a chalk board for our kitchen. I bought this tile about 5 years ago at Lakewood Antiques Market {when it was still on the southside}. This thing has been moved all around this house, and my old house in Newnan. It mainly resides in our attic. I have never been able to figure out what to do with it. Thought about painting a "J" on it, but knew I wouldn't make it look right. Saturday, it hit me~paint with chalk board paint, so I did. Here is the before.

Here is the after. It is a small chalk board area, but I thought perfect for the kitchen. I think it works! Charles likes it too...

The last project of the weekend, was the front door knocker. Will post on that later this week! Off to have my truck towed with it's dead battery, fun...


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