August 9, 2009

important things....

Since I have decided to step it up a notch, and really get into this blogging thing, I must post pictures of my favorite three boys. You've seen the girls, Lane & Sophie. Now is it time for Charles {human family}, Duke {26 equine family}, & Abraham {19 equine familly}

Thanksgiving '08. I made Charles & the girls pose for a million pictures. I think we used this one for our Christmas card~can't tell, there are too many!
Duke & Abe in 2006 when we lived in Newnan.
My sweet Abe.
They really are great friends, have been together for 10 years! I got Duke when I was 10, so we have been together for 20 years! I don't really remember life before Duke. Also, haven't known anyone longer except for family. Duke is an old soul. He was born old.......and grouchy. That's why we love him! He is very level headed & has that goold ol' horse sense.
Abe joined our crew in 1999. I knew him before then because my friend Jill owned him for a couple of years. I finally decided to give him a shot after a really bad relationship with an English horse named, Leicester :( . Abe is my sweet, loving horse. He likes to lick your hands, and LOVES to get back massages. He really has been the best!
They both live at a farm in Griffin about 10 minutes from my house. They are happily retired, and have a great time! They also have a friend named, May. Lane & Sophie really enjoy going to see the boys too...


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