August 7, 2009

subscription vs. shelf

I am apparently bad luck when it comes to a decorating magazine's well being. I usually buy magazines at book stores & drug stores because it is more fun to flip through them all as opposed to having a subscription. I guess over the past few years I have spent too much $, & maybe had a little bit of a magazine addiction. For Christmas a few years ago, Charles' parents gave me a subscription to Southern Living. I LOVE getting them in the mailbox! So I decided last year after waiting so long, to order my own. I started with Cottage Living...Soon after, I received notice that it was discontinuing the mag. Major depression, luckily I have been saving & stockpiling Cottage Living mags over the past 3-4 years. My dream was to have my house featured in the mag, but couldn't get it finished before they went under. The next subscription I tried was Domino. Again, have been collecting Domino mags over few years. I loved how different Domino was. Soon after ordering, I received the sad notice again!! Did I mention that Cottage Living substituted my subscription with Southern Accents. Sadly, I read on a blog last night that Southern Accents is the next one to take the hit. I think I have subscribed to Coastal Living, so I am praying they do not go under too. If so, it is back to buying off the shelf for me!


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