August 3, 2009

painting projects

{Paint Project 1} I have painted our screen door 8 times since our renovation. I finally found this Benjamin Moore color in a magazine. It is a light blue/green. Our original color was a light, cool blue. I didn't like it with the new copper roof. We have been through some bad ones, and I am finally happy! So happy, that I went ahead and painted the actual front door so I will be less likely to change my mind again. Next project:: replace dead boxwoods on front stoop. Also keeping my eyes peeled for 2 Whippet statues.

{Paint Project 2} I love a can of spray paint! I finally painted the firescreen in our living room. It is an old screen that Charles probably got when he bought the house. It was originally gold, then I painted black a few years ago. Since I am slowly phasing out black, I decided to paint it gray. I was sad, because a few months ago there was a spray paint that was a gray/brown/olive color. Would have been a perfect black replacment, but all I could find was a basic gray. I am happy with the results, my plan is to make it fade into the background. I will continue to look for that great gray/brown/olive color......


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