August 17, 2009

Saint Simons Island

We had a great weekend in St. Simons celebrating my friend, Karen's, birthday. There were stressful times on the drive down, and driving home in a torrential downpour. I did not have time to drive around and house stalk. We had also hoped to drive onto Sea Island to see some of the new construction, but the beach wouldn't let us! Luckily, it stopped raining Friday at lunch time, so we spent the afternoon on the beach. I did; however, get some pics of the house where I stayed. Thanks to Emily for letting us stay with her! Her house rocks!!! She built it HERSELF a year ago. That's right, Emily is in the building biz. She works for ACMI, Inc., an architectural woodwork sub-contractor. If anyone needs any woodwork done in the coastal Georgia area, give Emily a call! The details in her house are amazing.

This is the main hallway. Re-claimed, heart pine floors. They are perfect, not a single creak or uneven spot!

Stained ceiling in the hallway.

I absolutely LOVE the painted woodwork on the walls. This hallway really is the centerpiece of the house!

I have never seen this style of crown molding, It looks to be about 10". Also, really like the wall color. {Forgot to ask Emily}

This is the hall, half-bath. Beautiful wood cabinet, wood door, and limestone floors.

The ceiling in the half-bath is "Pecky Cypress Wood." This is the same type of wood used in the Cloister Hotel. It is pulled from rivers & lakes. This is a very unique find! {I don't think my picture does it justice}

Master bath. Limestone floors again.

Love the painted cabinets. I think she said this color is Sherwin Williams "Kaffe." I like this color, and have been looking for a new color to paint my interior doors. They are currently black. I also really liked the granite, and she has cool, rectangular Kohler sinks.

This is the sink in my bathroom.

This bathroom was great. I love the tall open shelving for towels. You can tell every detail in this house was well planned! The drawers are the greatest part of the cabinets. You can push a drawer closed really hard, and then it stops before it hits, then closes slowly on it's own!! Really, no joke!!!!

The living room is open to the kitchen.

Built-ins in the living room.

I think I took more kitchen pictures on Erica's camera. If I get them, I will post later. The cabinets were a creamy color with a glaze. The counter tops are Absolute Black Granite, honed finish. I have never seen any that weren't a shiny finish. They were great, looked like slate.

Also, she has a flat screen over the sink! Makes doing dishes a little better.

Here's a better picture of the front of her house. I took out the original bad one.


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