August 27, 2009

Whippet real good

Today, Lane has her check up with the internal medicine vet in Atlanta. She is doing much better. We've been fighting a little urinary tract infection for awhile. Since today's post needs to be short & sweet {b/c it's late & I'm in a hurry}, it's going to be about Whippets.

I have millions of pics of my sweet girls! Lane {white & tan} just turned 11, & Sophie {tan} just turned 10. We have been together for awhile!

Love this action pic of Lane in full sprint. That's her barn friend Calhoun.

Sophie winning friends & influencing dogs at the beach!

This was our big snow in Griffin, I think back in March.
Sophie loves it!

Lane does not. She gets too cold!

Easter weekend at the park. Sometimes I think I may be the Annie Liebowitz {sp} of dogs!

St. Simons.

At the park with our Italian Greyhound friend, Maggie aka Magnolia.

Weird couch potato....

Erin @ Elements of Style did a post on Whippets making it into the world of decor. Charles already thinks I buy too many things with Whippets or horses on them. These are some cute prints & pillows, he would hate them, but I love them!!
I recently saw these for the 2nd time somewhere, on a blog or magazine. {Help me out if it was your blog}. A couple of years ago I had saved these in my favorites file from Anthropologie when they were selling them. I always thought I could paint my own....
I also can't remember what fabric this is? Think I first saw it in an issue of Domino. Maybe Shumacher????? Anyway, Love it! {not really my colors though!}
Think Erin had these on her post, and I also saw them online when I was redecorating my living room at the beginning of the year.

Love the grey and the brown.

This one is from Karen Hilton Designs on Etsy. It is so cute!!! Reminds me of my girls!

Have a great Thursday, ready for the weekend!!
{ I promise to start keeping up with where I find pictures and products! I used to save pics way before this blog thing!}


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