August 26, 2009

Organization leads to a New Shed

Charles says that I have taught him, if there is a place for everything, it's much easier to be organized. I probably learned that from my parents. Don't leave shoes in the middle of the floor, etc.

We live in a small house with small closets, but have a HUGE basement & a pretty big attic too. Our house is not lacking in storage space. That being said, I keep the main floor as well organized as I can, but the basement is our own personal landfill. I open the door to the basement, and chunk stuff down there. The basement is a finished basement, it's just not pretty. We need new flooring, and paint to dress it up. There is a full bathroom, and a small kitchenette area. Renovating the basement will be further down the road. Stay tuned for that!

This purpose of all of this is, we have decided to at least clean up the basement. Get all lawn equipment, paint, etc. out! As you see below, we have one cute little shed that matches the house. It is packed full. Charles is having a new, twin shed built today. I am showing the before pictures, and will have more pictures of the progress and finished product when we get there.

One shed will be for tools, paint, woodworking supplies, etc. The other shed will be for lawn equipment. We are still deciding which shed gets to house the Vespa. This is our backyard.

When the new shed is painted, we will have the doors on the first shed painted the new teal color on our front door.

The guy is here to start building, I hope it really does end up matching the other shed exactly!!!

I also wanted to show the before pictures of our dining room. I have decided that I am taking a break from black painted furniture for awhile. Here is a current picture of our table and chairs. This table came from my parents {I love It}, and the chairs are from my grandmother's dining room set.

This is one chair I painted Monday evening. I wanted to brighten them up, since I am going with a bright coastal theme in our little middle Georgia cottage. I am liking it so far. Will either cover the seats, or make a slipcover. More on that too...


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