August 19, 2009

Universiy of Georgia:: Experiment Gardens

While I was out of town last weekend, Charles took the girls {Lane & Sophie} to the UGA Experiment Gardens. I did a post on this a whike back, but wanted to add some new pictures. Yesterday, we went out there to have lunch. Charles likes to have "adventure lunches." We grabbed subway, and had our lunch at the pavilion. It would be nice to have a yard like this!

If you live anywhere near Griffin, it is definitely worth spending some time at the gardens.

A little vine covered tee pee

Cute frog bench

Not sure about the large topiary rabbit!

The pavilion where we had lunch

Wish we had flowers like these in our yard

While I'm on the subject of UGA, here are a few things we may need from the UGA Bookstore catalog before the first game.


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