August 21, 2009

Our House Renovation:: In the very beginning...

I can't believe how long it's been since Charles and I renovated our home. Well, when we started, it wasn't "our" home, but "his" home. Last summer my computer died, and I lost tons of pictures. This morning, I decided to check my cd's while keeping my fingers crossed that I had saved the real before pictures of our house. Looking back, I am so proud of how far we have come. I never thought we could make the changes we did! So here is round one of the real before pictures. This is the exerior. Do you think we made the right choices?

{You will notice Sophie & Lane helped out a lot during this process!}

Beginning to replace rotten boards so we can paint.

Our rear view hasn't changed much. On our "to do" list is to add large planters on wheels on the ground level to dress up the space under the deck.

French doors from my office to the deck. Also on our list, replace french doors with solid wood ones!

Original screen door from back porch. This is now our mud room with a solid door. Will post those pics round 2.

Our front porch. This is now our master bath and closet.

The beginnings of choosing paint color for the exterior.

This new color! Ralph Lauren "Master Room". We had it colored matched in Behr paint.

Sophie likes the new colors!

The red doors didn't last too long. After we got married, I convinced Charles to let me paint the doors light blue. This was after a trip to France where we saw blue doors everywhere!


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