August 8, 2009

Renovaton:: Phase 3 Choosing Details

All I knew when I started my renovation, was that I wanted a bathroom with Carerra White Marble. I didn't know if that meant on the floor, counter, &/or shower. I first considered mixing the carerra white counter and accents with a light slate floor. {Trying to picture in actual space}

I next considered mixing with a darker slate. I found this tumbled slate at Home Depot. {I carried my carerra tile with me at all times :) }

Finally, I decided to nix the slate all together. Since our house is a 1930's cottage, I thought the slate would be too nuveau! {Still might mix the slate with marble in a new house}. Once I decided on carerra marble floors & counter, the next issue was tile size. I did NOT want to use 12"x12" tile. When I priced other sizes in marble, I learned my only way to afford a unique size was to have my tile guy cut the 12"x12" tiles in half. I knew my shower was going to have white subway tiles laid in a brick pattern, so I thought the floor could mimic that in a larger version.

With floor, counter, and shower walls decided, I wanted to put an accent in the shower. I also needed a non slip shower floor. I found these cool 1"x1" tumbled carerra marble mosaic tiles. I put these on the floor, and used as the eye level accent on the shower wall. Final pics to come....


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