August 9, 2009

Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis

Awhile back I posted some pics and a link to my KW Imperial Trellis imposter fabric. I used it to cover a bench in my bedroom, and I made a pillow. I am proud of my first pillow with piping & a zipper!

Anyway, Kara, from Diary of a Steel Magnolia, {Check out her fab blog @ } just informed me the fabric in the Citrine is no longer in stock at that site. I have tried to find some other affordable options. So here goes.....
Search:: "Tango" {They don't have the citrine, but have navy, silver, teal, & cinnamon}

Also, while you are there, seach "Geometric":: they have some fun options like
Koil Sweet Potato {Not "trellis like", but pretty cool!}

Mimosa Silver

Here are some other sites if you want KW pillows & accessories.

On Etsy, the shop Decorative Instincts has pillows & fun accessories in KW Trellis.

This Citrine pillow is listed for $65. She also has other colors:: Java, Gunmetal, & Navy

Also, I love these! Why not have a Kelly Wearstler Office!

One other place for KW pillows. Search KW Imperial Trellis Pillows, price vary based on sizes.

This is the original site, P. Tree Textiles, that I bought my imposter fabric from. They are out, but have some other cute options.

Search "Fioretto"

One of the best things about small town life in Griffin is our close proximity to Atlanta. We have great fabric stores. I usually find most of mine at Lewis & Sheron Fabrics. Check out their website.

"Lattice" is a great geometric option. I also have some in a bright kelly/apple green, but it is not coming up on their site.

One more good fabric store is PJ's Fabrics in Albany, Georgia. I remember being dragged there by my mom on our Albany shopping trips. I got so bored, and begged not to go there. Times have seriously changed! I am the one now dragging Charles.

On another note, I used to dread the driving around to look at houses on Sea Island when we were at the beach. It's a little scary how we end up LOVING to do some of the things our parents loved when we were little! Thanks mom and dad!


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