August 10, 2009

real affordable roman shades

One more post about Christine's house. She found this great fabric at Americal Mills Outlet, here in Griffin. They have a great fabric selection, and they usually have clearance fabrics. I think she got a few yards of this for about $6 per yard. This picture is in her office/den. She had 2 cheap Ikea roman shades. I can't find the website where there were directions for covering an existing roman shade with fabric and fabric glue, that's it! Custom roman shades are so expensive, that I think this a a great option. She did a great job, I love the final result!
I didn't see the shade on Ikea today, but they do have a roller shade for $7.99 that you could also cover. Target has a ivory, jute, roman shade starting at $22, could do the same thing. I will keep looking for the DIY site.


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